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The Shattered Wig Review
Rupert Wondolowski, son of Normals, is the editor of The Shattered Wig Review, now in its 14th+ issue and 7th year. The Wig is a national magazine of writing and graphics which has been practically the "House Organ" of Normals, though it came first. Issues feature the works of such luminaries as Dr. Al Ackerman, Batworth, Mok Hossfeld, Chris Toll, Kim Carlin, and Chris Mason (of the Tinklers). A perfect bound book anthology of the first eight issues is in the works from Gelded Lizard Press.
The Shattered Wig Review is available for $5 per issue, incl. postage from Normals.
Shattered Wig is also a small press, publishing chap books by local national poets. We have a catalog of Shattered Wig publications!

Shattered Wig nights of perfromance, poetry and music are held periodically at Maryland Art Place's 14 Karat Cabaret - if they're not listed here, call Normals for dates and details at (410) 243-6888.

Doña Juana
by Mok Hossfeld

Perfect bound, 200 pages.
Published by Gelded Lizard Press
of Placitas, New Mexico.
Availbale for $9+$1 shipping from Normals Books.

"The most authentic chicken toes since Robert Walser or Charles Willeford...A page of Mok before breakfast can give you the strength of a hundred Italian Freemasons at a pig lynching." - Blaster Al Ackerman.

"But when I was a child I spoke as a child in grownup clothes and the spoken word was made a lie by time. I found only funny books get truer with age."
(from the text)

To Borges what Sade was to Sacher-Masoch, or a Calvino's Angela Carter. Not to be missed, in any case. Mok was a great Baltimore writer and the organizer of magical events. He now lives in Wilmington NC.

Upcoming publications from Gelded Lizard Press include a perfect bound book-length anthology of the Shattered Wig Review, and a book, "Impairment," by Blaster Al Ackerman.

Blaster: The Al Ackerman Omnibus
Perfect bound, 288 pages.

Published by Feh Press
available from Normals incl. by mail order
Send a check or money order for $10.

An incredible anthology of words and drawings from the man that many consider to be the greatest living American writer. Ackerman is a hallmark of the obscure, but those who have encountered his work are never the same. His writing seethes with bizzare truths and ironies but is strangely familiar.

"The Legendary Al Ackerman, that second-story man of the psyche, the country's greatest humorist, teller of tales Mark Twain wanted to write but was scared to. What the personal ads call a "teddy bear," but the kind who devours two or three tourists at Yellowstone every season."

-Bob Black, author of The Abolition of Work and Friendly Fire

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